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Total Defence Week – The WRSS Way

2017 Total Defence Day

Secondary Two students trying out their dish during their Field Cooking activity.


6-10 February 2017 — Woodlands Ring Secondary School was abuzz with activities on Friday, 10 February 2017 as we commemorated Total Defence Day with different activities for each level.

Earlier in the week, police officers from the Woodlands East Neighbourhood Police Centre set up a booth to promote SGSecure and the Community Alert Service application. Students and staff also savoured wartime food like porridge and sweet potato during recess as part of our week long TDD commemoration.

2017 Total Defence Day

Students trying out Riot Police gear at the SGSecure Booth set up by Woodlands East NPC.

Our Secondary 1 students learnt the skills of protecting themselves in the event of a hazardous release; either from a terrorist attack or an industrial accident through the In-Place Protection exercise. They sealed the gaps in their classrooms and learnt to build a mobile toilet for emergency use.

The Secondary 2 students were engaged in Field Cooking with their classmates as they tried to replicate what our forefathers went through during the period of hardship. Equipped with a mess tin, solid fuel and instant noodles, students were asked to create dishes to tickle the taste buds. To tempt the palate even more, students were allowed to add canned food to make their dishes even more enticing.

Lifesaving skills like basic first aid is undeniably useful in the event of an emergency and this was what the Secondary 3 students learnt. Besides that, they also learnt basic campcraft skills to help them design equipment that could help them transport casualties in the event of an emergency.

2017 Total Defence Day

Secondary Three students trying out their skills at basic first-aid.

The graduating cohort took the time to think through global issues that could affect Singapore’s defence and tabled their discussions in the form of debates.

All in all, rich learning experiences took place this week; learning that would definitely prove to be useful in the event of an emergency. Emergency or not, what is definite is the enjoyable learning in the company of wonderful schoolmates.

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