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Principal’s message

Welcome to Woodlands Ring Secondary School, a caring community situated on Woodlands Ring Road and just a stone’s throw away from Admiralty MRT station!  Through a culture of care and respect for all staff and students, Woodlands Ring Secondary School boasts of a positive school tone, caring and dedicated staff and well-disciplined students.

As a leader, a teacher of teachers and students, I firmly believe that I am a steward of the people God has entrusted me with.  My role is hence to make good things happen for the people.

In Woodlands Ring Secondary School, most of us gladly credit teaching, our career choice, a calling; a calling to make a difference to each and every student we cross paths with.  It is a privilege to play a part in helping to mould the future of the nation. We strive to help as many students as we can, to realise their full potential as long as they are willing. We desire to help our students, your children, to be the best they can be. We strive to listen to and communicate with the youth to discover their PURPOSE and/ or PASSION for what he or she does.  Together, we will slowly unpack the “why” of why he or she is doing what they are doing.

Embracing our school’s philosophy of believing that each student is unique and whose potential can be maximised so as to contribute selflessly to society,   we aspire to develop each WRS student to be ‘Worthy, Resilient and Selfless’. Our school focusses on achieving performance excellence in academic and co-curriculum through a desired culture of care for students, teamwork and quality relationships.  The school values of Responsibility, Respect and Resilience provide the foundation for our school culture. Expectations are set and communicated for all staff and students through the school values, the 3A (Attendance, Attire and Attitude) practices and the school tagline ‘Through the gates of WRSS, Walk the BEST’.

Character development has been and continues to be a key focus in the school, done through MOE staple programmes such as CCE lessons, ECG and SEd packages as well as the VIA projects that students undertake.  The school also believes in the importance of CCA for character and leadership development.  Students are appropriately matched and meaningfully engaged in their CCA with activities planned to develop leadership and an excellence mindset through participation in CCA-based VIA projects and competitions.  Leadership development for Student Councillors, CCA Leaders and Class Leaders uses ‘The Leadership Challenge Model’ (TLC Model).  

As a school, we develop character on the emphasis of values inculcation and discipline. We believe that discipline in a safe and conducive environment is necessary for students to build good character.  The foundation for this was laid when the school was one of four pilot schools for Restorative Practice in 2005 and this shapes the mindset and approach to how the school provides for values-based discipline.   Platforms such as Motivation Monday and Celebration Friday provide positive reinforcements on the expected behaviour and inculcation of the school values.   Through programmes such as Teach the Child Programme (TTCP) and continuation of Form Teachers (FT) and YH following the cohort for at least two years, positive TSR is cultivated in the school. 

Personally, I view life as a journey that has many different paths; and any path I choose, I use it as my destiny.  Every journey starts with the first step and the thousands upon thousands steps before one reaches the end.  It is hence important to enjoy every step.  I believe I will continue to truly enjoy the journey I am on as long as I remain clear and rooted on my passion and purpose.  That is why “I live by my code and I live by it as well as I can.” And I hope all of the WRS family can work together, hand in hand, to first discover our PURPOSE and/ or PASSION if yet done so, and then remain clear and rooted on our PURPOSE and/ or PASSION, so as to truly enjoy the journey we are on. 

May all who join the WRS family experience joy of learning in their journey! 

Mrs Ng Siew Bee 


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