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Arts Education Programme

In Woodlands Ring Secondary School, we seek to provide varied opportunities for students to discover their talents and passion through different platforms. Our Arts Education Programme through Music and Art hopes to develop in our students a lively curiosity and an inquisitive mind. This is essential as it promotes inventive thinking and an innovative disposition in what they do.

Our General Music Programme aims to instill in students a lifelong appreciate for music and to provide every student equal opportunity to learn an instrument. It also aims to develop students into vibrant leaders through music activities. The lessons involve music listening, creating and performance. All Secondary 1 students will be exposed to local and global music. They will learn through exploring different types of sounds and a lot of hands-on activities. All Secondary 2 students will learn how to play the guitar and be involved in song writing.

As part of our Music Talent Development Programme, outstanding students will be given the platform to perform during school celebrations, assembly programmes and our biannual public performances. Students will also be selected to take part in the Singapore Youth Festival Celebrations to showcase their talents.

Our Art Programme aims to nurture young, confident artists by creating opportunities for students to participate actively and to work with one another. By developing visual literacy, students will be able to observe and perceive the world with increased awareness and aesthetic sensitivity. Artmaking engages students to express their thoughts and feelings while art discussion allows students to interpret and discover insights of artworks. Through these skills, students develop greater appreciation for art and its role in society.

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