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Craft & Tech

Department Programmes / Highlights




Seeding Innovation (Tinkering & Making) for the Community with Rapid Prototyping (3D Printing) (Upper and Lower Sec)

This programme encourages the cultivation of 21st century competencies in our students. More specifically, critical thinking skills, problem solving skills, creativity and innovation through tinkering and making to solve ill-structured and complex problems. The rapid prototyping for the community would involve students designing to solve problems and take into consideration the affordances and constraints of designing and making artefacts. The ability to develop and tap on the affordances of rapid manipulative-visualisation techniques is important for our student designers to collaborate extensively in discourse, iterating their design problems, ideas and solutions. Students will cultivate a deeper appreciation in the design thinking process and build a stronger foundation in their practices.

Advanced Elective Module (AEM) (Upper Sec)

The Creation of Fun Gadgets with Electronics AEM provides students with an introduction to electronic components that can be commonly found in electronic gadgets that they encounter in their daily lives. Students will be able to learn and master the underlying working principles of common electronic components through exciting and fun-filled learning activities such as software simulation, experimentation and construction of four interesting electronic projects including piano, musical box, blinking lights and motor controller.

Advanced Elective Module (AEM) (Upper Sec)

The Food Biotechnology in Human Health and Nutrition AEM allows students to appreciate the impact of biotechnology on the nutritional quality and safety of food. Aspects of food labelling, microbiology, genetics, cloning, food additives and safety in food science will also help students to appreciate the impact of science and biotechnology on the nutritional quality and safety of food.

The “Experience” ART Learning Journeys integration with Social Emotional Learning competencies (Lower Sec/ Upper Sec)

The Art Learning Journeys provide opportunities for students to embark, extend and enrich the Art educational experience. Besides helping to make real and concrete what has been learnt in schools, the Art learning journeys aim to broaden the mental horizons of students and contribute to their social and emotional development. Through such visits, our student will instil pride in our Singapore artists’ achievements, understand that hard work is essential in building the desire to excel, and readiness to take calculated risks to overcome obstacles.

Ready to Explore: 3D Modelling Workshop with Google SketchUp (Upper Sec)

The 3D Modelling workshops train our students to be competent in computer-based 3D Modelling techniques through collaborative work activities and individual project work. Students can develop an understanding of 3D Computer Modelling techniques, processes and application within a variety of communication contexts to enhance their coursework.
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