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Financial Assistance

Students who face financial difficulties may apply for the Ministry Of Education (MOE)  financial assistance.


MOE Financial Assistance

Subsidies are given to needy students in the form of :

a)    Full waiver of school fees ($5/ month x 12 months);

b)    Full waiver of standard miscellaneous fee ($10 / month x 12 months);

c)    Free textbooks;

d)    Free school attire (1 pair of shoes, 2 pairs of socks, 2 sets of uniform and 2 sets of PE attire);

e)    75% waiver of GCE N- and O-Level examination fees.


Criteria for Eligibility

1)    Students who are Singapore citizens.

2)    The family’s gross household income (GHI) does not exceed $2,500 per month; or

3)    The family’s per capita income (PCI)* does not exceed $625 per month.

* For families with (GHI ) which exceeds $2,500, the PCI will be computed based on the GHI divided by the number of household members. Household members include the student, his/her parents,  unmarried siblings and grandparents, and other dependents living in the same household.

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